Revenge of the Plague Doctor

Room 1

Players: 2-6

Difficulty: 8/10

The plague doctor does have blood and gore and mature themes that may be inappropriate and/or frightening for younger players

You and a group of friends went out for the evening…

All of you wake to find yourselves handcuffed, in total darkness. You recall hearing about some recent disappearances on the news, and how little the police have as far as leads.  You are feeling completely panicked and hopeless when a voice begins speaking, as if directly in your ear, and you realize this may be your only chance to understand why this is happening and figure out a way to escape. The voice calls himself the plague doctor and he informs you that you and your friends are the final test group needed to perfect a deadly poison with the potential to kill any human, leaving no trace of evidence behind. You are informed that you have all been injected with this poison which will take effect in 60 minutes, at which time the doctor will return to dispose of your bodies. Can you and your team work together to find an antidote and escape before the doctor returns? Your life depends on it.

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