Decades of Searching

Room 2

Players: 2-8

Difficulty: 7/10

Decades of Searching

You and your team of researchers are thrilled at the news of an announcement made by the famous professor Whitaker, the inventor of modern time travel.

Professor Whitaker has issued a challenge: somewhere in this country, at some point in time, she has hidden a very valuable prize. There have already been several tries and failures. However, you are confident in your team’s skills. There are only a couple of rules: each team gets only one attempt, and once your time travel begins, you have only 60 minutes (present time) to complete the task. In order to utilize the time travel technology, each team will register and begin from the Whitaker Institute, where official timekeepers will be present to bring you safely back to the present time at the end of your 60 minutes. The professor added that the closer a team gets to the prize, the more clues, and hints they will discover. If the team works together to solve these clues consistently, they will be lead straight to the prize.

There can only be one winner and you know your team has what it takes. The prize alone could fund your team’s research for the rest of your careers. The only problem-where (and when) would the professor hide such a prize? You’ve got a hunch on where to start. Can your team solve the clues left by the professor (or even find them?) in 60 minutes or less? Good luck!

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