Cabin In The Woods

Open 12/3/21

Players: 2-6

Difficulty: 6/10

Cabin In The Woods

You’ve gone hiking with a group of friends, and although you know the area well, you didn’t anticipate a sudden storm that has moved into the area.

Quickly before the heavy rainfall causes you to lose direction, you lead the group in search of some kind of shelter. Soaking wet and cold, you see a worn down cabin ahead.

There is no possible way the cabin belongs to anybody, it’s about to crumble from the looks of it, but for now, it will get you out of the storm so you can re-group and warm up. Ignoring the posted No Trespassing signs you’re certain the county put up to keep teenagers from having parties every weekend. Eventually you’re able to find your way inside however you quickly realize that when you closed the door behind you, you also locked yourself inside. Looking around, you realize this cabin isn’t abandoned at all and you’ve been given a message.. you have 60 minutes to find a way out before the owner returns or he will make sure you never leave this cabin again.

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